The Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of Tallahassee, Florida has presented a standard, service, and hope to a dark world since 1976.


Elder Wender R. Gavin became the pastor of the Progressive Church of Tallahassee, Florida in August of 1977. Elder Gavin's tenure began at a challenging time in the history of the church. He embarked on the awesome task of moving the church forward. He believed that revival and spiritual renewal began with the Word of God. Therefore, he emphasized the preaching of the true Word of God. He assured the church that if it heeded to the Word that God would bring revival to those who needed spiritual renewal. He made a decision in his life to make a stand and a difference by putting true holiness in the forefront.

Pastor Gavin graduated from Lively Vocational School with a degree in Nursing in 1967. He attended Duke University for open heart surgical training in the early 1970's and later became the first African-American to work on the open heart surgical team in Tallahassee, Florida. Elder Gavin was the owner and manager of Gavin's Cleaning Service from 1963 until 1995. Currently he is the Assistant Director of Progressive Care (a support group ministry) and Director of All in the Family (a ministry that is uniquely designed to enhance and facilitate positive relationships within marriages and families). 

Sister Gavin served as the President of the National Women's Auxiliary Department of the Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. from 2006-2011. Currently she is a member of the National Women's Department and serves as the National Women's Representative for District V (Florida/Georgia Region), President of the Ministers and Deacons Wives' Guilds, and President of the Lydia Prayer Band in Tallahassee, Florida. She has directed 22 Women's Prayer Retreats in Tallahassee, Florida since 1992 and seven Women's Conferences since 1997. The Women's Retreats and Conferences have dealt with spiritual topics, life management topics, health topics, and topics dealing with married, single, and teenage women. Her vision is to help women raise their level of womanhood to the highest level in Christ.

Elder and Sister Gavin are the ministry leaders for the Couples' Ministry. This ministry has had a positive impact on husbands and wives and has helped to define their roles within their marriage and has helped couples to build positive relationships.

Elder and Sister Gavin have been married for 55 years. They are the proud parents of three daughters (Wanda, Wendy, and Winifred) and have five grandchildren.

Praise the Lord from our Dr. Timothy Beard

Dr. Timothy Beard has fulfilled the call of God as a Teacher, Evangelist, and Overseer. His ministry has affected the lives of thousands during his 35 years of Christian service. He has been instrumental in establishing and developing ministries throughout the Southeastern region of the United States. He currently serves as Associate Pastor of the Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Tallahassee, FL, Pastor of the Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in St. Petersburg, FL and the President of Pasco-Hernando State College.

Dr. Beard is a graduate of Florida State University with a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation and Counseling with an emphasis in Higher Education Administration.  He also holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Sister Wendy Beard serves in numerous capacities in the Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. She is currently a member of the National Women's Auxiliary Board and secretary of the Ministers and Deacons Wives' Guild. Also Sister Beard is president of the Women's Ministry; president of the Senior Choir; Education Director; member of the Lydia Prayer Band; coordinator of local Women's Conferences and Prayer and Spiritual Enrichment Retreats; Finance Secretary; Church Secretary; and a ministry leader for the Young Adult Transitional Ministry. She holds all these positions at the Progressive Church in Tallahassee, FL all with the exception of her national appointments. 

Sister Beard was awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Education in 1986, and a Master of Science Degree in Health Education in 1991. She has worked both in state government and higher education for the past 18 years. Currently she serves as the Supervisor of Career and Technical Education at Pasco County Schools District Office. 

Dr. and Sister Beard have been married for 30 years. To this union God has blessed them with three children: Samuel Gavin (deceased), Briana Princess and Sierra Nicole.